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A letter requesting help with arranging pictures for the Berry booth at an upcoming exhibition.

Martha Berry receives a postcard from a friend informing her that Ford General Motors had Berry students at their exhibit building at the World's Fair.

Mabel Herrick writes to Martha Berry about a table that is available at the upcoming exhibit.


Martha Berry writes to Mrs. C. C. Combs to inform her that Berry will have to cancel its plan to exhibit at the DAR's 39th Congress. Berry expresses her debt to the DAR for its loyal support of Berry's efforts.


Letter to Mrs. Howard C. Warren from Martha Berry concerning a rug that Mrs. Warren bought while at one of Miss Berry's exhibits at Princeton. Miss Berry offers to have the smaller version of the same rug made by the girls but also concedes that it will take some time to reach her because they are training the new girls to weave.

Berry Schools responds to an inquiry by Miss Mason about articles woven by the girls.

Martha Berry asks Mr. Martin when would be a good time for her to visit Augusta with a graduate of the schools. She would like to set up an exhibit there and perhaps show some of the "moving pictures."

The Berry Schools write to Mr. Cooper telling him they will not have any exhibit this year at the fair beyond their cattle.

Painter Margaret Fitzhugh Browne provides Martha Berry with details about exhibitions of Browne's work in Atlanta and New York that included her portraits of Berry and Martha Freeman.

Painter Margaret Fitzhugh Browne asks to include her portraits of Martha Berry and Martha Freeman in an exhibition of her work at the High Museum in Atlanta.

Letter to Mrs. George H. Smiley from Martha Berry informing her that a young graduate of the Berry Schools, Inez Wooten, will be at Mohonk Lake and Miss Berry asks Mrs. Smiley if it might be possible for her to arrange for Miss Wooten to speak at Lake Minnewaska while she is there. Miss Berry also asks if Miss Wooten might show the moving pictures of the schools. Miss Berry asks her to inform Miss Wooten whether it would be possible for her to speak. She also thanks her for anything that she might be able to do to help.

In this letter Miss Berry writes to Mrs. Smiley and asks that she could come to Lake Mohonk and visit, in order to show her exhibit and encourage donations from their wealthy community.

Miss Berry tells Mrs. Inman that she is sad because she has had to break engagements that would have meant money for Berry because of her health. She also explains that she's going to New York in March but needs Inez Wooten to go to with her because she isn't strong enough to go alone. She asks Mrs. Inman to go to Augusta as soon as possible so she can set up the exhibit at the Bon-Air. She tells Mrs. Inman to let her know if she needs Inez. Miss Berry also notes that she thinks it's better to have less publicity in Atlanta so others don't try to do the same things Berry is doing.

Martha Berry writes to Emma Hopkins to thank her for forwarding the name of someone who might be interested in the Berry Schools. Berry also urges Hopkins to come to Georgia to teach the girls about improving their future homes.

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