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Mr. Dantzler writes to the Berry School department of domestic science inquiring if they might be interested in a loom and a spinning wheel and reel that is grandmother once needed.

An envelope with the address of Mrs. Eastman typed on it.

Mr. Greene sends a box of clothing and hopes they will be of use.

Miss Chase asks for a copy of The Southern Highlander.

A donation of $1000 is made to The Margaret Fund at The Berry Schools from Mrs. Carnegie

Jane Bossie, secretary to Mrs. Carll Tucker, writes to thank Martha Berry for sending cotton, describing how Mrs. Tucker's young son took the cotton to school to show his friends.

Envelop with address of donor. Mrs. Francis J. Torrance gives $100.


Miss Rockwood writes to thank Miss Berry for the cotton at Christmas.

Donation of $100 from Alba B. Johnson to The Berry Schools.

Edwin R. Dodge sends a donation of $150 to the Berry Schools.

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