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Form specifies a subscription for $150.

Morrison thanks Martha Berry for the cotton balls she received at Christmas time. She says that she was very pleased to learn from Mrs. John Henry Hammond that the dinner for the Endowment Fund at the Berry Schools resulted in subscriptions for $114,000.

The list of all the people who are subscribed to the endowment funds.

Hugh McCrary encloses a $25 check as a final installment on his subscription to the endowment, and promises to send a $75 check from TheKiwanis Club in a few days.

Letter to the treasurer of The Berry Schools from K. G. Matheson sending his check for $12.50 for his subscription to the endowment. He also says that he hopes that Miss Berry reached the rest of her endowment goal of 1 million dollars.

E.H. Hoge is writing to remind Mr. Atkinson that his subscription to a Berry Schools fund is due on the first of July. He than thanks him for his donation and tells him he is appreciated by everyone involved with the schools.

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