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Mary writes to Martha with concern about the endowment that Berry has according to their state regent. The state regent had told the chapter to not give to Berry because they had a million dollar endowment, whereas Mary remembers the pamphlet that Martha had sent to the chapter, she was now writing to try and clear the facts not believing that Martha would not misrepresent the facts.



Martha Berry writes how a young medical student at John Hopkins endowed a scholarship in memory of his young brother. She expresses her hope that more friends of the Berry Schools will send gifts memorializing 1930.

A list of suggestions made by Mr. Frederick Snyder regarding fund raising campaign. Snyder urges Berry to move away from fund raising appeals focused on the needs of individual children to broaden the appeal. He also urges that money not just be raised for scholarships but also for buildings, the endowment, and current expenses.

Berry thanks Mrs. Markoe for her gift. She mentions a bequest from Mrs. Kennedy and the generosity of Kate Macy Ladd.

Martha Berry stresses how dire she is in need of donations, and hopes Mrs. Davison will help.

Martha Berry lets Mrs. Hussey know that the day she wished to choose as an endowed day is available.

Eleanor Hussey would like to set aside a day for endownment.

Martha Berry thanks Mrs. Daniels for her donation and explains how endowments work.

Mrs. Daniels sends Martha Berry a donation and lets her know that she hopes ot send enough for a yearly scholarship.

Letter to William P. Chase from Martha Berry thanking him for including the Berry Schools in his will. Martha Berry sends information about Berry's endowed system and a form of bequest that should be used in the will.

Charles Adamson writes Miss Berry about some articles he wrote for the Rome and Atlanta papers that he hoped would catch the eye of Henry Ford and lead to starting an endowment fund. He also explains how Bayler University worked with insurance companies to establish an endowment through having their life insurance premiums connected to the university.

Martha Berry thanks Mr. Alexander for his donation and invites him to visit soon.

Martha thanks Miss Mathews and Mrs. Austin for their gift.



Trowbridge writes to give instructions about an annual scholarship as she is worried that Mrs. Hammond may have misplaced them. She is giving the scholarship in memory of her nephew who died in the war and would like it to go to some especially worthy boy. She also wants to know the recipient's name and be able to follow his career.

Shaw writes to send his donation of $1,000 to the Schools and to express his regret at being unable to visit Miss Berry while she was in New York.

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