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L. T. Hagood assures Martha Berry he will no longer employ any students from the Berry schools unless their application is accompanied with permission from her or another administrator from the schools allowing them to be employed elsewhere.

Miss Berry is responding to Mr. Gresham's request, saying how there are no girls available to serve as housekeeper/nanny for his kids, given that the girls aren't allowed to drop-out mid-term, and those who graduate tend to find employment of a different nature.

Berry responds to a letter from Reagan seeking a position as matron and proposing to use her house and lot in exchange for schooling for her son.

Reagan seeks a position as matron and proposes donating the proceeds of the sale of her house and lot to fund training and education for her son.

Letter from Martha Berry to Mrs. W.F. Conro of Mohonk Lake, NY asking for an employment referral for a man to "take charge of the our school laundry." Also, mentions visiting Mrs. Conro in Mohonk in the upcoming month of August.


On October 24, 1927, Martha Berry provided an opportunity for employment for Clyde Long to return to Berry to "do hard work" on the farms with the boys.

The Berry Schools write to Miss Kelly having received her letter if there was an open teacher position and that at this time there was nothing avalible but they would keep her letter on file.

In this letter Mrs. A E Eaton sends $150 for Eugene's tuition. This was an appeal letter that Martha Berry sent out asking for money. Mrs. Eaton describes herself as "an old woman ... to be still working for my living," who does not have a lot to give but uses her tithe money for this in the name of Christianity

Berry responds to Gregg's letter asking that Hampton not talk to Mrs. Groff about leaving Berry. They already have a shortage of teachers at Berry and cannot pay them what Hampton could. Berry asks Gregg not to talk to any other teachers from Berry.

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