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A check for the Berry Schools for $100.00.


This letter is written to Martha Berry from Valentine E. Macy, Jr. about an emergency donation that is being sent to the Berry Schools. The need for the emergency donation is not mentioned, but Macy states that the account that was made for the purpose of emergency donations.

Martha Berry writes to tell Grady that they need to plan ahead for guests because they have a hard time thinking of things to do. She mentions that Lady Grenfell visited the kitchen but the boys didn't have clean aprons and Mr. Hill didn't have a clean suit. She asks him to make sure that they all have fresh suits and aprons when guests are expected, saying that it would be a good idea to always be ready in an emergency.

Winthrop replies to Berry's plea that she cannot do any more for the Berry Schools.

Miss Berry reaches out to Marjorie Ward hoping that she will provide financial help for the school. Miss Berry has been sick with bronchitis and unable to attend speaking engagements which has cost the school money. She also mentions that the recipient has failed to follow through with a plan to visit the schools and hopes she will carry out the plans someday. Miss Berry mentions things "would have been different for us all" if Marjorie would have visited like she had promised, hinting at a deeper situation than the letter delves into. They seem to never have met in person.

Letter to Martha Berry from M. Cameron, the secretary to Horace H. Rackham, concerning his donation via check to the schools in light of an emergency Miss Berry referred to in her letter to him.

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