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In this letter E.H. Hoge reminds the Rome Coca-Cola Co. that they subscribed to a one hundred dolar donation, and that the third installment of twenty-five dollars is due on July first.

Hoge reminds Mr. Prescott of an installment payment of $25 which is due on July 1.

In this letter E.H. Hoge reminds Mr. McCrary that he owes twenty five dollard by July first which is the third installment of the promised one hundred dollars during the drive for $100k.

In his letter E.H. Hoge tells Mr. Bookhammer that his installments will be due July first for fifty dollars. He also tells him how much the donation is appreciated byt Martha Berry as well as the studnets.

The letter informs Miss Sally Brown that her first installment payment for her $100 donation is due on the first of July. A $25 payment is recorded on June 29, 1926.

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