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In this document, Martha Berry seems to be fine-tuning the wording used in the closing paragraph of a solicitation letter for the Christmas season in 1927.

Miss Brewton responds to Martha Berry's query that 82 of the male students are of draft age. She confirms Berry's instructions that no one else be allowed to use the typewriter in her office.


Meacham writes to Berry to establish a $1,500 scholarship in honor of his son, Robert Douglas Meacham, who died in December 1917.

The Secretary of the Treasury, William G. McAdoo, responds to Berry's letter by referring the matter of her teacher, S.H. Cook, being drafted to the Secretary of War.




Martha Berry writes to McAdoo because she is trying to secure a draft exemption for her physical education teacher, S.H. Cook. He is a much needed asset for the school as many other teachers are gone. Martha Berry knows McAdoo is very supportive of and interested in the Berry School and hopes he can help.

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