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Letter from Martha Berry to Mrs. John Henry Hammond in appreciation of her telegram at commencement. Miss Berry also mentions her recovery, delays in being able to construct a dormitory, and resignation of Mr. Frank R. Chambers as trustee.


Berry instructs Hamrick to place the dormitory just as Mr. Carlson and Mr. Cridland advised. She hopes he has received the new piano and provides instructions for its placement and care.

Miss Berry is glad that Mr. Carlson is able to come because they have much to talk about. She expresses her desire to get the dormitory contract on its way.


Miss Berry tells Mr. Carlson about the Commencement in the new Chapel, the Fords' visit, her plans to ask Mr. Ford about the building of the new dormitory and Mrs. Hammond's visit with her group's pledges for the new dormitory.

Architect Harry J. Carlson asks Martha Berry for her opinion of the chapel enlargement, which he thinks is an improvement and looks as it were there before. He asks whether the new dormitory, which Mr. Ford has elected not to fund, might still be a possibility.

Mr. & Mrs. John S. Craig pledged $2500 to the schools in honor of their son and hope to visit Berry when they return to the states. They may want to donate money to a building later on. Mr. & Mrs. Craig would like to be reminded of their pledge in January.

Martha writes to William about his brother, and how he became interested in the work at Berry. She had hoped to take up the matter of a dorm in memory of his mother, but he passed before she could inquire about it.


Martha Berry writes to Mrs. Kiser asking about funds for a new dormitory after the old one burnt down.

A.G. Zimmermann, architect, donates $50 to the school to help rebuild a dormitory that was destroyed in a fire.

News of a residence hall burning for about 75 residents. Martha is asking for help to help rebuild a new dormitory for the fall semester.

Charles and Ruth Witherspoon send Martha Berry 25.00 and wish her good luck building a new fire proof dormitory.

Miss Berry asks for a donation for their fire-proof dormitory.

Martha Berry asks for donations because of the recent dormitory fire.

In this letter Miss Berry writes Mr.Brewer in order to thank him for his donation that will go towards a dormitory at the Foundation School, which the boys that stay during the summer were eager to build.

Miss Berry thanks Mr. Howe for his donation to the new dorm building.

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