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This text shows the heading of a document from Countess L. Szechenyi with $150 enclosed.

Miss Robertson is sorry that the Berry Schools have been affected by the drought, and sends $50 to help. She also mentions that Miss Berry to ask President Hoover for help.

Lilian Randall sends eight sacks of cretonne to the Berry Schools.

Ms. Barnwell enclosed checks from the Nightingale-Bamford school to endow a scholarship for one boy and one girl.

Mrs. Newberry donates $50 to the Berry Schools to help it keep running.

Mr. Holt donates $300 for the 1930 anniversary Thankoffering. He also mentions the good effects coming from his appendix surgery and hopes Miss Berry is having a good trip.

Joseph Kelly donates $10 to Martha Berry for the school.

In this letter Mrs. Ireland donates ten dollars to the Berry Schools.

Mrs. Charlotte S. Hughes sends a $10.00 donation to the Berry Schools.

Miss Huggins sends a $25 donation to the Berry Schools. She also informs Martha Berry of the death of Mrs. D.B. Gamble.

Gould donates a check for the school's current expenses..

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