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A letter of thanks for the donation $200.00 from the Charles M. Cox Trust Fund. She goes on to thank him and tell him the meaning of the donation and how she feels about the importance of the work going on there at Berry. She concludes with hopes of him coming for a visit to see the effects of the hard work the students are doing at Berry.

A letter to Miss Martha Berry giving the school a $200 check for a Thanksgiving donation. Holt goes on to say how thankful he is for not only the school, but so much for Martha Berry herself.

This is a pamphlet for donations to be made for scholarships. It tells a true story about a girl named Leafy. Mrs. Evans (It's difficult to read her first name) donated one thousand dollars to the students in need. Keep in mind that where it says author, she did not write the article, but rather the check for the donation.

A letter to Martha Berry thanking her for her hospitality towards her daughter and daughter's husband when they visited in addition to a donation check.

A letter to Martha Berry attached to a check for $150 which will be used to pay for a student to go to Berry for a year.

A letter thanking the Woman's Guild for their donation of books to the Berry Schools

A letter attached to Lawrence Morris' letter, in addition to two donation checks.

A letter enclosing the list of the contributions toward the Emily V. Hammond Scholarship fund. The letter goes on to include specific recent donations as well. The letter closes with their joy in having her the and the pilgrims come and stay with them earlier that year, and their thankfulness for her friendship.


A letter thanking Martha for her hospitality towards Emily Hammond and the Pilgrims, with some donations attached from some of the Pilgrims.

A letter to Mr. Hoge asking to acknowledge a donation made to the Berry Schools from Henry R. Sedgwick. Roger via Mrs. John Henry Hammond.


A letter thanking Mr. Greenwood for his gift to the Berry Schools

A gift blank to the Berry Schools for $50 and $200 for replacing the Worthy Champion's House and building a house for a resident nurse and farm supervisor at Possum Trot

This letter details Mrs. William Howard Smith sending an undisclosed amount of money along with congratulating Martha Berry on the success of the Berry Schools.

Mr. Rogers included $50 for a subscription to the work occurring at Mount Berry. Mr. Rogers requested a receipt for his donation.

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