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Martha Berry instructs Grady that she wishes to have the road worked on as well as some dogwood brought to her home and winter jasmine planted.

Martha Berry writes in sympathy on the death of Mrs. Olmstead's daughter and invites her to visit Berry.

Martha Berry thanks recipient for help in fundraising and asks for more addresses, as well as announcing the season for visitors is approaching.

Martha Berry thanks Dr Harban for his check for the rugs, discusses the early spring , and how the dogwoods are presently in bloom.


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Berry thanks Wheeler for her recent gift, saying that it has been a long time since Wheeler was at the school. Berry has been ill with a cold and unable to make speeches and make new friends for school. She suggests that people should include the school in their wills.

Martha Berry asks Mr. Stewart if he would come to Commencement exercises for the Berry schools. She mentions also the peach trees and dogwoods in bloom.

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