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Berry reports that there has been much illness, including flu and a measles epidemic. Two boys have died, one by electrocution. She thanks Neal for sending money, asking that she let Berry know of any deficit since she does not want Neal to lose money in the investment.

Martha Berry writes to Mrs. Crow about the package of clothing she sent and her hope that Mary and Willoughby will return to Berry in May to see their class graduate.

Berry thanks Ladd for her telegram of congratulations about the Pictorial Review Achievement Award and provides details of activities related to the award. She shares memories of a visit to the school by Noel Morris, who has recently died.

A request to remove Miss Adelia C. Williams from the Southern Highlander mailing list, as she died on September 9.


Berry writes to Hammond, describing the loneliness she feels following her (Berry's) mother's death.


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