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Martha askes the firm if their work is guaranteed because the curtains they dyed have faded and cannot be used. Martha would like then re-dyed if the firms work is guaranteed.

Martha Berry sends her sincere thanks to Mrs. Howells.

The Berry Schools tell Miss Earnshaw that they've received her letter about the pictures of the furniture placed in Emily Cottage. Since Miss Berry is away, no one is able to authorize the expenditure. All the shopman wants is to know what is required, and then he can make his own diagram. The Schools ask Miss Earnshaw what kind of curtains the cottage needs so they can be woven during the summer. A small sample of the color is all they need.

In this letter Martha Berry tells Mr. Harrington that she is anxious for him to come help put up the curtains.


Martha Berry writes to the Browne Decorating Co. about some curtains that she did not like.

Martha Berry reminds M. A. Harrington that he said he would "push" the order for the living room at Clara Hall but she has no evidence that the order has gone through. She says that the friends that are interested in the room will be there soon and she needs to get it finished as soon as possible. She asks Mr. and Mrs. Harrington to come visit and teach the girls how to make the rugs. She says that she feels the living room is too much responsibility for her because the interested people know a lot about furniture and will be paying attention to every detail. She asks Mr. Harrington to take care of it.

Letter from M.A. Harrington, of W.E. Browne Decorating Company, to Berry Schools regarding fabric for dormitory curtains.

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