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In this letter, Martha Berry says that the paved road needs to be widened and that the school needs to make arrangements about the produce from the Possum Trot farmers. Although she had hired some assistants, Martha Berry often wrote her own business letters like this one.

Martha Berry writes to Fanny Norris that it has been a long time since they have seen each other. Martha Berry also mentions that the drought destroyed the crops after she had returned from Europe.

The letter is asking for a donation to Berry because the drought destroyed much of the crops the previous summer. The donation would help feed the boys and girls at the school.

Anna W. Hollenback sends Martha Berry a donation of $100 and inquires as to how Martha Berry is doing. She also mentions the long drought and the potential effects it may have had on the School's crops.

Martha Berry asks Mr Liebold to request help from Henry Ford because a terrible drouth has damaged the crops leaving the school short on funds.


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