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Mr. Hutcheson thanks Miss Berry for her letter and expresses his pride of Fillpail and his daughters. He also congratulates Miss Berry on her success with her school and with her cows.

Martha Berry writes to inform Oliver W. Means that they were not able to secure the first cow they had originally wanted but instead they have purchased a cow from the Meridale Farms.

Irene Powell Hodgson wonders if the beaten biscuits she read about Henry Ford having at Berry were made from her recipe. She asks Martha Berry if she can assist with finding a "high class man" to take over her Jersey heard, and whether she might lease a bull from Berry to sire her cows.

Berry sends literature about the schools and shares that they are "most anxious to secure a couple of cows." She notes the Schools' funds are exceedingly low and inquires whether Glenn might make "very special prices" on the cows.


Martha reaches out to a farm and asks them to offer a cheap price for cows since the school's funds are running low. She wants to enter them into a show in the fall.

Martha is writing the manager of Biltmore Farms to ask if she could secure a few cow at a special price. Funds are low and needs are high.

Martha Berry asks Mr. Herbert Ferrell, of Crieve Hall Farms, to donate two cows to the Berry Schools.

Mr. Jemison tells Miss Berry that they have no cows to sell and encloses a donation of



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