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Alice L. Wingo writes Martha Berry regarding three questions she has about running of the school. In addition is a response from Berry to Wingo answering at least two of her questions.

Martha Berry requests that Mrs. Shulenberger send her the pattern for the old coverlet, as well as any other patterns she can find, for use in the weaving room.

Miss Berry answers Mrs. Leeds questions concerning woven coverlets.


Mrs. S.W. Fletcher wants to know if Martha Berry has any blue and white coverlets as well as splints for old chairs that she can sell to her.

Miss Berry inquires about some coverlets Miss Myers might sell to them. Miss Berry would like to buy them as long as the price is not too high.


Ms. Kerr writes to ask for a hand-woven coverlet for a single day bed, and asks to be let known the price because she would be glad to purchase it.

A letter inform Mrs. Kerr that her order canot me fulfilled due to an over demand of the desired item.


Catherine Auld writes to Martha Berry that she might be able to help raise money for the schools by selling white and blue cover lids made either by the mountain families of the girls or by the girls at Berry to her friends in the north.

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