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Mrs. Fearn expresses her regret that she has been unable to give to Berry that year; she encourages Martha Berry to remain faithful to her work.

An article written on Martha Berry's work for Good Housekeeping by Mrs. Learned. She refers to the Gate of Opportunity and Berry's desire for students to lifters not leaners. She also mentions the original log cabin and the 20,000 acres.

Berry thanks Mrs. Markoe for her gift. She mentions a bequest from Mrs. Kennedy and the generosity of Kate Macy Ladd.

Berry thanks Markoe for her gift and says that she hopes to see Markoe when she visits Philadelphia.

Mrs. Markoe encloses a contribution and inquires about Mrs. Kennedy's bequest and Mrs. Ladd's fund.

Kimball encloses a contribution.

Estelle D. Judd quotes the Fanny J. Crosby hymn "A Cry from Macedonia" in sending her monetary contribution to Berry.

Jarvis encloses an contribution, wishing she could do more.

Mrs. Gaddis sympathizes with problems of the drought and sends a $5.00 check.

Check designated for a little girl's education.

Emma J. Forbes writes to say that she has recovered from the grippe and is enclosing a contribution.

Elizabeth C. Sutton, secretary to Mrs. Wm. B. Osgood Field, informs the Berry Schools of an annual donation of $250 being made.

Scholarship contribution record for Mrs. George Burnham, Jr., Philadelphia, PA.

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