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Martha Berry thanks Elizabeth Gerard for her hard work and generous contributions to the school, specifically the Emily V. Hammond Scholarship Fund.

Mrs. N. J. Reynolds informed Martha Berry of the impact an issue of the Southern Highlander had on her and send The Berry Schools $25 dollars.

Martha Berry informs Dr. Proctor that, although he noted in his previous letter that a check was enclosed, there was not one there. The author informs him that Miss Berry is away in Europe until the fall and expresses their thanks for his interest in the schools.

Miss Minor sends a donation to The Berry Schools

Martha Berry is happy that Miss Matthies is interested in helping Berry, because any contribution is needed. She believes that by helping Berry, the DAR is doing patriotic work.


J.L. Hope lets The Berry Schools know that a contribution cannot be given this year due to some circumstances.

This letter was enclosed with a $10 donation to be used wherever Miss Berry deemed it to be needed. Mrs. McDonald also sends her blessings to Miss Berry.

Mrs. John M. (G. G.) Keith sends Martha Berry a small contribution of $10, wishing, though, that she could send more.

Mrs. S. P. Harbison thanks Martha Berry through her secretary (Pearl Cochrane) for the money Martha Berry gave to the Annuity Bond. In return Mrs. Harbison makes a donation to The Berry Schools.

Morris Gates writes Martha Berry to inform her of a $10.00 donation made to The Berry Schools. He also requests the removal of Frances A. Gates from the mailing list because she passed away five years prior.

Mrs. Duff encloses a check of a large sum to help Martha Berry continue her wonderful work.

Geo Larcom encloses a check to aid Berry.

A large contribution is sent to Berry.

Celia Sibley Wilson, owner of River Ridge Farm, donates $200.00 to The Berry Schools.

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