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C. L. Bishop writes to Martha Berry to reiterate his company's prior request for information about the windows being installed in the new chapel. He would like the information they asked for as soon as possible so that they might make a bid on the construction of the "art glass windows."

Martha Berry apologizes for missing Mr. Harris and his wife when they visited the Foundation School. She explains that she needs someone to run a boarding house for boarders doing construction work on buildings at the schools. She asks Mr. Harris if he and his wife would be interested in running the boarding house.

Martha Berry writes to A. B. Dick to inform him of the receipt of his generous gift of $100 and to "hasten to send my heartfelt thanks." She reflects on the great need plaguing the Schools and her summer spent trying to raise funds to rebuild the dormitory destroyed by fire. With no major contributions to this fund, she still hopes to have a roof on the incomplete building before cold weather sets in.

Mr. Carlson is writing to Mr. Skinner in regards to some confusion over roof shingles. He recommends a different kind then they originally decided on. He also wanted to make sure Mr. Skinner was aware he was receiving the shingles at a discount and not for free.

H.J. Carlson sends Martha Berry some building plans to extend Clara Hall southward. Carlson says he has included photographs and perspectives of the plans. Carlson estimates the plan to cost $500,000 and $550,000 with furniture.

Construction is taking place on Alabama road # 58. The construction will remove the objection of the revised location of Miss Berry's summer home.

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