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Miss Berry offers her sympathy to Mr Richard Courts on the death of his father.

A thank you letter for Mrs. DeLaittre's recent letter and condolences that her husband is sick, with encouragement at his seemingly improving health.

Martha Berry writes to thank Mrs. Higgins for her letter and to give her condolences for the death of Mrs. Higgins' husband. She expresses her wish that Mr. Higgins could have seen Berry Schools, and explains the work of the schools. She then talks about the worthwhileness of helping the children and suggests that helping the children at the Berry Schools would be a beautiful way to memorialize Mr. Higgins. She ends the letter by thanking Mrs. Higgins for her interest and inviting her to come visit the schools.

Martha Berry writes Agnes Carpenter to offer her condolences upon the passing of Mrs. Macy, a friend of the school. She also extends Miss Carpenter an invitation to visit Berry.

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