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Chambers requests license tag numbers from vehicles the recently donated to The Berry Schools from the Ford Motor Company, a Model A and a Model AA.

This letter is regarding a freight bill and bill of lading from Ford Motor Company.

L. J. Thompson in the office of Henry Ford enclosed a check for $4000 to cover work on the Girl's Recitation Hall by the firm of Coolidge and Carlson.


Ochs encloses contributions toward commitments to the Endowment Fund and another subscription. He assures Berry of his commitment to raise $1 million for the Endowment Fund despite being asked by the Trustees to abandon his plan and an "unpleasant letter" from E.H. Hoge.

This is a letter from Miss Berry to Mr. Keown regarding purchasing a large area of land to take care of the overflow at The Berry Schools.

G.H. Hoge asks that Dr. Harbin send his semi-annual contribution of twenty-five dollars, that he promised to the school during the recent contribution drive.

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