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Holt is in a quandary as he is realizing that the communion service gift is more complicated and expensive than he realized. He suggest that he make a monetary contribution toward the service and provides information about the gifts he expects to be able to make over the next year. Holt reports that he has heard from Dr. Hardin of Henry Ford's support for Berry.

Holt encloses his memorial gift and describes his plans to travel to Morganton, North Carolina to visit relatives of his mother. He has questions about the communion service, as it has become clear that it will cost more than he anticipated.

Holt proposes wording for the engraving on the communion service he plans to donate, wishing to emphasize the name of his mother, Margaret Lock Erwin Holt.

Berry thanks Holt for his quick and positive response to her suggestion that he donate a new communion service.

Berry asks Holt to consider donating a new communion set and collection plates for the newly enlarged Chapel.

Mr. Carlson writes to Mr. Skinner to enclose copies of letters with prices on communion sets.

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