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Berry is in bed with a cold, but plans a trip to New York for a lunch with Emily Vanderbilt Hammond. Berry hopes that Campbell and her daughter Virginia will be at the lunch as well.

Martha Berry writes about the Ford boom, how it will impact the operating costs, and the need to change the perception that Berry doesn't need support; she also discusses a financial drive to raise money for operation.

Miss Berry expresses her sympathy at Miss Burkert's illness and explains that she too is in bed with a cold. She thanks Miss Burkert for all her work at Berry throughout the years.


Miss Berry sends her regrets at her inability to make an arrangement because she has been confined to her bed for two weeks with a cough.

Martha writes to Marshall's Pharmacy for a prescription refill and to have the bill sent as well.



Letter acknowledging her presence in East Orange for the meeting in March.

Miss Berry informs Dr. Payne that she cannot speak at the Conference on Adult Education because of a severe cold. Professor G. Leland Green, Principal of the Berry Schools, will take her place.

Mr. Kellogg expresses his delight at hearing that Miss Berry tried to graft some of Battle Creek Sanitarium's ideas onto her schools. He also sends Miss Berry a vaporizer to help with colds.

Martha Berry writes about her upcoming trip to see Mrs. Ford at their place in Savannah, Georgia. Berry also writes about a cold that has kept her in her room.

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