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Martha Berry tells Mr. Hoehler that they are still talking about his inspirational commencement address. She says that she is very grateful to him for coming. She also tells him that $25 has been added to the Alumni Loan fund in his name which will be used to buy clothes and essential items for the students.

A letter about getting chembreys that they need for the girls at the Berry Schools.

A letter of thanks from Miss Martha Berry for the warm clothes sent to her from Mrs. Heath to clothe the young children of Rome who are in desperate need of warm clothing for the winter months.

Letter of thanks for a donation of 2 boxes of clothing for students

A letter written by Hugh Rankin of New York to the Berry Schools inquiring about a package of clothing he had sent previously by parcels post. Mr. Rankin requests confirmation that the Berry School received the package.

Martha Berry sends a thank you letter to Mr. David McAlpin Pyle after receiving the amount of $100.

Charles writes to Martha with a donation from one of his patients. He also mentions to Martha he will sending a box of clothing in a few days.

Martha Berry thanks Mrs. Osbourne for sending the secondhand white silk dress, saying that it arrived in perfect condition and that Berry can always use secondhand clothes.

Martha Berry thanks Mr. Mansell for the help he has given the Schools from year to year and then explains that the drought has ruined the crops. The Schools need money to feed and clothe the students and asks for any help Mr. Mansell can give.

A letter written by Mrs. Hitchcock where she asks Martha if they may have a few pictures so they may think that the neighborhood children that she teaches may believe that they are helping. Mrs. Hitchcock informs Martha that they will donate money in June and that they may be able to help with clothing for a little girl, she also informs Miss Berry that the name of the club shall be P I T, or Put It Through.

Business Card for C. Illina, Haute Couture, Paris.


Berry writes about a pink dress ordered by her niece, Martha Wright.

Martha writes Mr. Howells thanking him for the package of clothing that he sent to the school.


A letter from Martha Berry to George W. House thanking him for clothing he donated. She encourages him to tell others about Berry so the school can receive more donations.

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