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A thank you letter for the two boxes of children's clothes Mrs. Curry sent while Martha Berry was away.

Martha Berry thanks Mrs. Heath for the package of warm clothes that she donated to the Berry Schools. She explains that the need is great and that she will give everything in the package to needy children.

A letter written by Hugh Rankin of New York to the Berry Schools inquiring about a package of clothing he had sent previously by parcels post. Mr. Rankin requests confirmation that the Berry School received the package.

Miss Chace requests that Martha Berry inform Miss M.C. McLean as to whether or not she received a box of clothing that was sent to the Berry Schools.

Martha Berry thanks the Davis Brothers for the gift they sent to Berry

In this letter Martha Berry is thanking Mrs. Bower for sending a package of used clothing to the school. Miss Berry goes on to explain how helpful it is in clothing some of the poor people of the area, even helping some of them go to school. She even gives the personal story of an elderly lady who was thrilled by a wool sweater she got.

Mrs. Bower writes to donate some old clothing and hopes they can be of use.


In this letter to Martha Berry, Lucy Bliss writes of a money order she has sent, along with some clothes and material for the girls to use. She also inquires after Martha Berry's health and observes that Mr. Ford is working on a few new schools.

Bertha Black encloses a check to help buy clothes for poor children and remarks how dreadful the need is in the city.


Martha Berry writes Dr. Robert Norwood thanking him for the sermon he wrote about her. She asks him to send her more copies that can be distributed. She also tells him about the upcoming commencement which brings together people from all over the region.

Comes sends some clothing that the children can use

Provides two checks for scholarships and girls clothes and three boy scholarships with instructions on using the $950 noted at top.

Mrs. Steinbrecher sends a check for $25 and asks if Miss Berry is still accepting offers to send clothes.



Martha Berry thanks Mrs. Nevins for the clothes she sent and tells her that several students may have to drop out without some help.

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