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Martha Berry writes to say that she has approved the request of Julia Lake Skinner to have her wedding in the Girls Chapel. She also asks Wingo to see that the girls do a better job of marching out of church.

Richard Orme Flinn writes to Martha Berry to express his appreciation for her courtesy during his visit to the Berry Schools. He goes on to provide her with the contact information for Dr. Magill, who is raising funds for deserving institutions, and Dr. Wm Ray Dobyns, pastor of the South Highland Presbyterian Church in Birmingham, Alabama. He also suggests Dr. C. Frank Morgan of the First Church in Augusta, Georgia, if she wants an "outstanding" speaker for the Berry Schools' next commencement or perhaps J. Blanton Belk of Orlando, Florida.
Finally, he hopes that Martha Berry would "remember" him "most cordially" to Mrs. Wright.

Miss Berry thanks Miss Hendrickson for the scholarship from Class Twenty-One at Rochester, NY's Central Presbyterian Church.

Corresponding Secretary Ella Hendrickson sends notification that Class Twenty-One of the Central Presbyterian Church in Rochester, NY has decided to fund a scholarship.

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