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In this letter Martha Berry thanks Mrs. Haggerty for sending Christmas cards to the Berry students. She also mentions her cataract surgery.Mart

Mrs. Haggerty tells Martha Berry that she is sending over 200 Christmas cards and asks if they will be of use to the school. She also says that she enjoyed the movie of Martha Berry and wishes that more D. A. R. members could see it.

A letter of thanks from Martha Berry for the donation of magazines and Christmas cards by Miss Sara Hayden. Berry goes on to describe their great need for new books. The ones they have are so used that they are threadbare and the librarian struggles to try to prolong their lives as best she can.

Amelia H. Jones sends a packet of picture-post cards and Christmas cards that can be used to decorate the school and homes of the poorest pupils.

Mr. Greene sends a small check as a Christmas gift to Miss Berry's great work.

Helen Forrest writes to the Berry Schools to let them know she's mailed some Christmas cards. She also sent an introduction card to the Republican Club of Massachusetts.

The Berry Schools thank Miss Forrest for the package of Christmas cards she sent, saying the boys and girls always enjoy them.

Ellen Chase is thanking Martha Berry for the Berry Christmas Card and the cotton she sent her.

Hazzard sends a $10 donation to the Berry Schools.

In this letter handwritten by Inez Henry on Johns Hopkins Hospital stationery, Martha Berry asks Bessie Bonner to send cakes, candy, and pine. She expresses concern that in the Christmas rush personal packages sent to her from Baltimore will be opened. She asks that Mr. Keown help select the Christmas card, promising that she will return in time to sign it. Henry adds a personal note, telling Miss Bonner that both she and Berry are "tired to death of this life".

This document is a request from Miss Laughlin to friends asking them to send a Christmas card with "a loving thought" to her instead of the usual Christmas gift.

Chriistmas Cards Enclosed, with promise of donation later

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