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Mrs. Nevin donates $5 for the Berry Schools and wishes she could donate more, but her income makes it so she must "divide small to serve all".

Two of Martha Berry's friends have donated quite a bit of money in the past. They are currently donating $20.00.

Emily Hammond's 1926 letter includes a cheque (check) from Mrs.(?) Cushing to Berry and indicates they will appreciate receiving Miss Berry's "lovely letters." Hammond then thanks Miss Berry for the Kodak pictures and the Alumni Magazine, and she also suggests Miss Berry bring or ship the movie from "the meeting" a few days ahead of her arrival.


Emily Hammond asks Martha Berry if the one-thousand dollars she recently sent for the gymnaisium could go to rebuilding the dormitory instead. She also sends donations from Rachel Hammond May, Mrs. Richards D. Brixey, and Martha B. Whitney.


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