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A letter thanking Martha Berry for her kindness during their visit and expressing her enjoyment of preaching at the Chapel during the same visit.

Miss Berry writes to ask if Dr. Snaveley could come to the schools to speak at their Sunday morning service soon.

Miss Berry is trying to get Dr. Butler to come and speak at the Berry Schools for a chapel service.

This document appears to be a transcript of a chapel talk or speech Mr. Peabody gave at the Berry Schools. He speaks of the privilege it is to be involved with the Berry Schools and praises Miss Berry's work as well as the hard work of the students. He talks about the importance of prayer in the difficult times after the war and the love God shows his people.

Martha Berry writes to Dr. Jones that the school enjoyed his visit and that the students are still talking about his speech at the chapel. She says Mr. Green is thinking of having it published so the students can have a copy of it. She also asks if she could get copies of the Hampton and Tuskegee financial reports so the school can see how it is done by other schools.

Martha writes to Margaret to thank her for the invitation to speak at one of the Chapel Services, however she finds it difficult to do with all the things she would like to do. She will try and to send someone in February and if possible Martha herself will try and be present and present a few words in February.

Margaret T. Corwin is following up after a letter one of her seniors, Betty Mayfield, sent to Martha asking her to come speak at the New Jersey College for Women during the second semester. She would like to second the invitation. She explains that they are doing a series on religious giving and are inviting people to come talk about their work. She suggests a few possible dates and states the stipend for guest speakers.

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