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In response to an order for a scarff, letter explains that there is also a white scarff available. It talks about the the program and that a catalog is being produced showing products being made at Sunshine Cottage.

Charion R. Hilt says that we wants to know how Miss Bonner is doing, saying that conditions in Atlanta are very difficult. He asks that she sends a catalog to a friend of his in Bartow County.


Miss Lee writes to whom it may concern at the school hoping to acquire some of the information she desires.

Frances writes to ask if there is a catalogue or price list of the hand woven goods.

Dean of Women sent out a catalogue of expense for Velma, adding that she still needs a uniform and vest.

E. Raymond Greenwood, secretary to the Headmaster, responds to Miss Berry's request and sends her the latest issue of the Phillips Academy catalogue.

Mrs. Mathewson asks Berry for a catalogue of products made by "the mountain people."


Martha Berry asks Mr. Ack to send her a catalogue and price list of reproduced antique fittings

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