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Elizabeth informs Martha Berry that she and her juniors (in high school) are very intrigued by the college. They read about the school in a book and are requesting a catalog to learn more about it.

Martha writes to Mr. Sawyer with a catalog of the school with a brief history of the school.

Martha Berry sends Mrs Doughty a school catalog and explains how $150 will keep a student in school for a year, and that if the student cannot pay the $150 then they can work eight months to pay for four months in school.


Martha writes asking for a copy of the Catalog from Ward Belmont

Martha writes to Mr. Young asking if he would send another catalog or price list that he mentioned in a previous letter, and inquires about if possible he could supply flowers.

Berry asks Leggett to change the printed tuition amount in the catalog to forty-five dollars per term for four months.

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