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Mr. Holt tells Martha Berry that he hopes the enclosed card will interest her. He says that he has finished compiling another card of readings from Grenville Kleiser's book "Inspiration and Ideals" and will send it soon. He hopes that Martha Berry is better and wishes her the best.

Masina Hicks writes that one thing she was most thankful for was the chance to go to Berry. She then thanks Martha Berry for making it possible for her sister to stay at Berry in the fall. She ends the letter by expressing her hope that Martha Berry is in good health and wishes God's blessings on her.

A mother's day telegram to Martha Berry from Eugene Gunby.

The card expresses thanks for an expression of sympathy.



This card depicts a basket of flowers and says "With love, Martha & Virginia"


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A get well soon card from the Clay Family to Martha Berry.

Miss Juliaette A. Parsons sends $25, Miss Martha A. Parsons sends $100, and Mary E. Parsons sends $25. A note from the Berry office says that there will be three receipts but all the amounts will be credited on the same card.

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