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Martha Berry writes to Dr. Tomlinson to ask him to send another carboy of Tate Springs Water because her sister is still very ill and she wants to have a supply of water.

Martha Berry writes to Dr. Tomlinson that her sister has been injured in an automobile accident and needs another carboy of Tate water.

Miss Berry writes to the Tate Springs Development Co. to ask them to return the express receipts for the empty carboys so she can figure out which express company to contact about tracing the shipments.

Return of empty carboy


Miss Berry writes that she asked for a carboy of water to be sent to her on December 9th but she still hasn't received it. She asks the company to bring their attention to the matter.

The General Manager states that only one of the three carboy bottles being returned to Tate Springs has been received, therefore the statement that Martha Berry had written about is correct and should be paid.

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