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Mr. McGill writes to tell Martha Berry he is sorry that he was not able to accept her invitation to visit The Berry Schools. He mentions that if she is in Atlanta in the near future he would be glad to see her. He also gives the address for the campaign for the Columbia Theological Seminary in Decatur.

Letter to Mr. Ben Cantrell discussing the formation of a committee at Commencement to assure collection of funds due from pledges.

Mr. McGill asks Miss Berry to return copies of a contract form that he left with Miss Berry and Mr. Alston.

Letter to Martha Berry from S. W. McGill informing her that it would be a mistake to get Mr. Ford to start the campaign, even though we do not know what campaign they are referring to. He suggests that Mr. Ford, as well as himself, might be more helpful in helping with the campaign once it has began, rather than assisting in starting it. He suggests that she also meet with her board and find out their expectations of him concerning the campaign. He also adds that he would like to meet with the board to inform them of his expectations concerning the campaign. He also informs her that it will require a united effort and that she simply cannot hire a campaign manager and expect to be successful.

Martha Berry expresses her excitement about the thought of the campaign.


Martha Berry lets Mr. McGill know that all matters of the campaign will go to Mr. Campbell.

McGill asks for a conference with either the Board of Trustees or the Executive Committee to discuss matters related to a proposed campaign, suggesting that considerable funds could be raised for the schools.

Mr. McGill requests Miss Berry to return campaign contract to Mr. Campbell.

Martha Berry is happy to have Mr. McGill in charge of the campaign.

This is a letter to Miss Berry from Stephenson W. McGill saying he has received her request for a 2,000,000 dollar campaign, and he is busy in March and April. He expresses that he will inform her on if the campaign is possible soon.

Martha Berry approves of the people Mr. McGill would like to bring into the campaign.

S. W. McGill writes to Martha Berry telling her that the contract for the campaign for two million dollars is ready for whenever the Trustees want to consider it.

S. W. McGill talks about his possible appointment to handle the campaign to raise money. He mentions several people who may be able to assist him in his work in securing money for the campaign.

Letter to Martha Berry from S. W. McGill informing her that it was a privilege to visit the Berry Schools as well that he was impressed with the work she has accomplished. He informs her that because she has a good cause, all she needs is organization and the money she needs will come. He also informs Miss Berry that he met with Mr. Keown and Mr. Campbell to discuss the campaign and that they seemed favorable to the idea. He also tell her that he will submit his plan for the campaign as well as an expense budget and forms of contract because he would like to have the campaign decided on as early as possible due to the amount of work it will require.

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