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Martha Berry wishes to thank Mr. Small for writing an article in the Atlanta Constitution about Mr. Ford's gift to The Berry Schools. Mr. Ford has gifted some buildings for the Girls School but the buildings are not endowed, so the school is still in need of money. Miss Berry also mentions that the school has been given the wrong kind of publicity before from the Rome paper and that she is very grateful for his article as it entered into the spirit of the situation in a wonderful way.

Martha Berry sends a letter and some literature to George Maxwell, a man who has much to donate, in hopes that he will donate enough to really help Martha Berry out in the way that she needs. Berry tells Maxwell that she to raise $150,000 a year to cover expenses for about 1,000 children.

This is a list of work that needs to be done at Pilgrim Hall and the amount of money each job will cost. The total is also added up and included on the bottom of the sheet.

The Berry Schools let Mrs. Grant know that even though Martha Berry will not be around, that they should still come and see the new improvements to Berry.

Martha Berry clears up the confusion about the donations of Mr. Ford.


Berry thanks Woodruff for her gift. The boys are hauling stones to begin work on the buildings, with a goal of having the roof on before winter. In the meantime, the boys will live in tents.


Miss Frances Robinson treasurer from the Tau Alpha Episilon sorority wrote a check for $65.00 to the Berry School located in Mount Berry, Georgia. This check was a small amount from a charity bridge tea to help with some buildings that had burned down.

Berry asks Liebold, secretary to Henry Ford, to approve a list of dining room and kitchen equipment in order to have the rooms usable by Christmas. She is particularly anxious to have the new building in use because the recent enlargement of the schools has made it necessary to serve the students in relays.

H.J. Carlson sends Martha Berry some building plans to extend Clara Hall southward. Carlson says he has included photographs and perspectives of the plans. Carlson estimates the plan to cost $500,000 and $550,000 with furniture.

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