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A letter informing Mrs. Howells that Berry was only forced to sue when her husband's estate was being settled because of some legal complications and that it was not done out of ill will. She also requests that Mrs. Howells come to Berry for a visit since she can't travel anymore.

A letter from Shirley Hamrick to Martha Berry, very concerned about Martha's bronchitis and Shirley's upcoming trip to California.


Martha Berry informs Shirley that she has suffered a third attack of bronchitis and is unable to make a trip to Florida to visit her as planned. Martha regrets this very much, and hopes that when Shirley is in town next that she will come and visit her for a Sunday.

Martha Berry tells Mrs. Hammond how wonderful it is that she is visiting Berry with her friends. She wishes that she could be there to welcome them, but explains that her cold turned into bronchitis and she has been in bed with doctors visiting her daily. Martha Berry then tells Mrs. Hammond how happy it makes her to know that her friends love the Berry Schools, expresses her hope that Mrs. Hammond's granddaughter enjoys the visit, and informs Mrs. Hammond that the gates of Berry are always open to her.

Berry informs Neal that the meeting with Mr. Bierwith [Bierwirth] and Mr. Jones has been arranged for the morning of the 7th rather than the 5th due to illness.

Miss Berry has just gotten over a bronchial cough and has missed her appointment with Mr. Penny due to her illness. She informs Miss Neal of this and then notes that she will be in New York on the 4th- pressing that she would like Miss Neal to attend the engagement, held at Mr. Jones' Office, on the 5th of March. Miss Berry believes that together they, alongside Inez Wooton, will be able to raise money and get Trustees for the school.

Miss Martha Berry has become ill with bronchitis and will probably have to cancel her St. Louis engagement. She inquires about when she is to meet Mr. Penny again as she has not yet received an answer for when he expects her. Furthermore, Miss Berry writes that the school is falling behind in raising money for their running expenses, and she has already used every means she can think of to raise funds.

Martha Berry extends kind words and asks the Mrs. Lawrence help in raising funds for the school in the time of need.

Martha Berry writes to Mr. Laughlin telling him that she has not been able to keep up her speaking engagements due to bronchitis. She goes on to mention that they did not have enough to pay the teachers last month and asks if Mr. Laughlin will talk with his parents as they had shown interest in the school before.

Letter to Mr. Holt, a previous donor, requesting a donation at the present moment, due to the severe lack of funds. Berry mentions that she has had an attack of bronchitis that kept her from making speaking engagements to raise funds. The school is currently unable to pay teachers salaries.

Request to Mr. Leibold, secretary to Henry Ford, for monetary help in Mr. Ford's absence from the country. Miss Berry's bronchitis prevented her from raising money for a time, so she was $40,000 behind in her fundraising and unable to pay teachers at the end of the year.

Martha writes to Mr. Bingham congratulating him on his improved help. She also notes that due to her own illness recently the school has suffered financially and asks any gift that he could give would be greatly helpful to the school.

A letter from Martha Berry which tells of her struggle with a bronchial cold, but that she is expecting to be in New York by March 6th.

Miss Berry is sick with bronchitis and had to cancel many of her "speaking engagements." Being sick, and canceling meetings has left her at a loss financially. She is worried about whether or not she will be free of debt by the end of the fiscal year. Miss Berry has been unable to compensate the teachers. Miss Berry is hopeful that Mr. Baker will help her in this time of need.

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