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Miss Chace requests that Martha Berry inform Miss M.C. McLean as to whether or not she received a box of clothing that was sent to the Berry Schools.

Agnes writes to Martha glad to know the box of clothing arrived safely and regrets not being able to visit the school during her most recent trip to Atlanta due to safety with muddy roads.

Miss Brown writes the Berry School informing them she has sent three boxes of clothing to the school and sends a stamp for Miss Berry's reply.

Lucy W. Parmly writes to Martha Berry to inquire after the box of clothing her niece, Mrs. Kielland sent. Mrs. Kielland is sick and is worried about the successful delivery of the clothing for "the poor people in the mountains," especially because she did not get the package insured. Lucy Parmly ends her letter by commenting on the unseasonable summer weather they are experiencing in Morristown, New Jersey. She hopes that Georgia is enjoying more stable weather.

Miss Berry seems to be responding to a request concerning the receipt of a clothing donation from Mr. Howells and possibly Governor Clinton of Kingston, NY. It appears the donation receipt had not been acknowledged. Martha Berry suggests contacting the Express Company for a receipt signed by A.A. Johnson (a Berry employee?). M. Berry assures Mr. Howells that his donation is appreciated.

Helen S. Milligan writes Martha Berry to inform her that, after reading an appeal for clothing in "The Magazine," she has sent a box of clothing on behalf of her organization/school (97S?). The donated clothes come from the leftovers of their rummage sale, and while she insists that none of the items are remarkable, she hopes that they will find good use at the Berry Schools.

Mary writes to Martha with a donation for the building fund and inquires about the box of clothing she shipped.

Rhodes writes that she and her friend Miss Winslow have sent a box of clothes that she hopes will be useful in Berry's work. She praises the work that Miss Berry is doing. She promises a small check from Miss Winslow in the near future.

Sarah Forbes informed Martha Berry that she had been collecting clothes from various people and would be sending them soon.

Irene writes to Martha to inform her about the boxes of clothing that she is sending to Berry in hopes that they may be useful.

Louise Shiefflin Hewitt writes to Martha Berry saying she can not send money this year but is sending a box with clothing. She also writes she would not be surprised if her husband sent a box as well, and expresses gratitude in seeing Martha Berry earlier that year. Mrs. Hewitt asks Miss Berry to let her know when the box arrives.

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