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A thank you letter for the two boxes of children's clothes Mrs. Curry sent while Martha Berry was away.

Miss Berryfirst explains the delay in answering Miss Crosby's letter, expresses her thanks for the useful gifts that Miss Crosby has provided: a magazine subscription to "Theatre Arts Monthly which she wishes will be renewed" ,and a box of clothes for the mountain needy . Miss Berry also explains how the gifts are used an appreciated by the Berry community.

A thank you letter for the last box of clothing Mrs. Heath sent to the Berry Schools.

A letter written by Hugh Rankin of New York to the Berry Schools inquiring about a package of clothing he had sent previously by parcels post. Mr. Rankin requests confirmation that the Berry School received the package.

In this letter The Berry Schools thank Mrs. King for the box of clothes she donated for the Berry Schools.

Lucy W. Parmly writes to Martha Berry to inquire after the box of clothing her niece, Mrs. Kielland sent. Mrs. Kielland is sick and is worried about the successful delivery of the clothing for "the poor people in the mountains," especially because she did not get the package insured. Lucy Parmly ends her letter by commenting on the unseasonable summer weather they are experiencing in Morristown, New Jersey. She hopes that Georgia is enjoying more stable weather.

Note informs Miss Berry that Mrs Chas O Fad has died; it asks that her name be removed from Berry's mailing list, and says that Mrs Fad had collected a box of clothes before passing. The author promises to send the box of clothes if Berry can use them.

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