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A letter to a publishing company from Miss Martha Berry requesting six copies of the book, "The Runner's Bible" with hopes of a speedy delivery so she might get it in the mail and delivered before Christmas.

A letter of thanks to Mr. Hill for sending an autographed copy of his latest book, "How to See Your Way Through Life." Martha Berry mentions the newspaper article he enclosed in his letter and how she feels about the information found there. She invites him and Mrs. Hill for a visit soon to Berry for them to stay a one of the little guest houses.

A thank you note from Martha Berry regarding some books Mr. Goodspeed donated to the Berry Schools.

Letter informing Martha Berry that the books she wished to order are no longer in stock. He lets her know that he made a note of them and will consult Mr. Kellen with the chance of being able to supply her with them in the future.



Mr Godspeed writes to inform Martha Berry that the lot of books he sent to the school were a gift by Mr Kellen and not himself

A letter thanking the Woman's Guild for their donation of books to the Berry Schools

A letter of thanks to Mrs. Harrison for all of her involvement with Berry Schools and her faithful donations to help the poor children. Martha Berry informs Mrs. Harrison that a copy of the book "Martha Berry" was mailed to her.

Martha Berry thanks Mrs. Olyphant for the books of mountain songs, saying that the girls and the teachers will be pleased to have them. She also invites Mrs. Olyphant, Alice, their husbands and children to visit The Berry Schools and sends her loving greetings from everyone at Berry.

Mildred writes to Martha saying she is sorry for not getting her letter sooner. She also mentions that she enjoyed what she saw of the campus during her visit, she also hopes to be able to contribute some books to the library at Berry from time to time.

This letter includes the donation of a book to one of the libraries at Berry and details Martha Berry's appreciation of Miss Oliver's generosity.

Martha Berry writes to Rose M. Munger thanking her for her gift to the school of novels by Thackeray and invites her to visit in future. Martha also asks that Rose tell her friends of the "great need" the school faces as it relies on word of mouth, rather than on a paid agent, to publicize the school and its need for donations.

Rose M. Manger sends part of Thackeray's novels to the Berry Schools.

Letter to Theodore Marburg from Martha Berry thanking him for the book he sent entitled "Into the Hills." He informs him that she will share it with the boys and girls. She also informs him that she, along with the boys and girls, so enjoyed his visit to the schools and that she hopes he will come again and stay longer. She also sends regards to his brother.

The letter is thanking Mrs. Kriegshaber for her donation of books to the library as well as the photographs she enclosed with it.

The Kriegshabers are giving up their home and wonder if a box of textbooks from their library would be useful. Enclosed are photographs "taken the day of the exercises for the new building".

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