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A letter sent to J. L. Hartman in regards to literature about work at Berry that has been sent to her sister at Mrs. Hartman's request.


Miss Berry sends Mrs. Cheeves some booklets on the Berry Schools for her paper for the Woman's Club meeting.

Florence Andrews is writing to tell Miss Martha Berry that her students would like to send her booklets they have made and to ask if she would like to receive any.

Letter in regards to the printing of some booklets about the Berry Schools. Mr. Webb asks if Miss Bonner wishes to place an order for the booklets as well as the Highlanders or if the booklets are to be included in the Highlander. He also gives her an update on the health of Mr. Martin and hopes that she has fully recovered from her automobile accident.

Bartholomew is being sent booklets giving the story of the schools and a photograph she can use in her magazine. The letter includes a list of people for Bartholomew to invite to the upcoming dinner.

Bartholomew is planning a special issue of the Three Arts Club magazine, The Foreward, that focuses on the Berry Schools. She asks permission to use a condensed version of "The Sunday Lady" and requests a photograph of Mrs. Robinson driving an ox cart. She suggests that since her acquaintances are not wealthy, and thus among those the Pilgrims are expected to invite to the upcoming dinner, she might be given a list of Atlantans to invite.

Letter to R. W. Allen from Martha Berry informing him that they did not have more of the booklet "Martha Berry's Labor of Love" which he requested. However, she did send him other literature that would help him in informing others about the work done at the schools.

Mr. Stringham writes to acknowledge the receipt of the booklet that was recently published.


William D. Southwick asks Martha Berry to send a booklet about Berry and her work to Miss J.M. Hammond who lives with Mrs. Sarah G. Hammond and Mrs. H.H. Crane. These three former school teachers own the Colonial Cafeteria and have recently opened a new cafe and confections shop. Southwick mentions that they are "well to do" and interested in Martha Berry and her work.

D.H. McConnell writes on California Perfume Company letterhead to request information about the Berry School. His wife previously had a booklet and they were so impressed they wished to visit during their winter trip to the South.


Martha Berry thanks Mrs. Hammond for the "Third Pilgrimage to the Berry Schools" booklets. Martha Berry writes that she will send leaflets on damaged dormitory soon.


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