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Martha Berry thanks Mr. Stinson for his gift to the Berry School.

Miss Root writes to support the Berry Schools and to send a blessing for their expenses.

Miss Berry thanks Mr. Anderson for the permanent scholarship he sent in memory of his mother to be named the Rebecca J. Anderson Scholarship. She also thanks him for telling his friend Mr. Keller about the work of The Berry Schools. She notes that he sent the Schools shares and they will enter his gift as the Christian J. Keller Scholarship. She thanks Mr. Anderson again and wishes blessings on him from the gift he gave to Berry.

Thank you letter for gift at the Christmas season, hoping to keep all 900 boys & girls during the new term.

Martha Berry writes to Mrs. Singletary, thanking her for sending the donation from the Santa Ysabel Chapter of the DAR for Polly's education. Miss Berry discusses the work of The Berry Schools and hopes that the DAR members' generosity will bring blessings upon them.

Martha Berry thanks Mrs. Emery for her gift, asks for her address and sends Mrs. Emery her blessings.


Martha Berry writes Miss M. W. Schott to thank her for a church calendar that she sent. She wishes Miss Schott a blessed New Year and a Christmas season full of "Peace and Happiness."

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