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Mrs. Halsey writes to thank Miss Berry for the pages for her mother's birthday book.

Mrs. Halsey writes to thank Miss Berry for her help with her mother's birthday. She says she gave her mother Miss Berry's message and she said many loving things about Miss Berry and her work. Mrs. Halsey's mother was also glad to receive the messages from the girls.

Mrs. Halsey writes again to clarify to Miss Berry that she is putting toether a birthday book for her mother and sends three pages for the "3 Lo." to write on. She asks that the pages be sent back to her right away.

Mrs. Halsey writes to Miss Bery to explain the birthday book she is putting together for her mother's 75th birthday. The book will contain good wishes and love from all the children her mother has helped. She asks if it would be better to send the pages or ask for the addresses of the "3 Lo."

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