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"The Berry Schools" are alerting Mr. K. Garlough that there is an on-campus discount price for the only book-form biography of Martha Berry (at the time), so that students need only pay $3.00, instead of $3.50. "The Berry Schools" then briefly catalogue the non-book-form media through which Martha Berry's work has been kept track of.

This letter is written to Miss Martha Berry. At the request of the author, Miss Berry is asked to send bulletins and pictures of her school as well as a biography of her life. According to Mae, there are boys who are interested in attending Miss Berry's school the following year. However, two of them want to know more about Miss Berry and the school before they attend.

Berry writes of her pleasant vist to the Carlisle home, Mr. Byer's book, the geese Carlisle sent and Berry's desire to go away for a rest, perhaps to Europe.

George Derby, the Managing Editor of The National Cyclopedia of American Biography, is curious as to whether or not Miss Berry received a letter with the proof of her biography because Derby would like to publish it. He is also double checking to see if Miss Berry's educational background that has been provided is accurate.

Thanks for sending a piece of writing.

Frances writs to Martha to inform her that Mr. Markle is sending a copy of his biography.

Berry writes to George Derby to explain that she has sent approval and changes for a biography but, because they were not received, has enclosed another biographical sketch.

Nevin thanks Martha Berry for the biography and corrections she returned to him. He makes note of the difficulties caused by the over-publicity of Mr. Fords's gift. He encloses an article published in The New York Evening Journal, stating that The Georgia will "dress it up a little more effectively." Nevin refers to Berry as "Miss Mattie."

Letter from Daily Georgian American Paper wanting Miss Berry to look over the draft of her biography, which is to be used in a book.

James Nevin writes to Martha Berry that he is assembling a book on Georgia women and wishes to include her in the book. He asks that if she would send a studio photo of herself to the book.

Egbert Gillis Handy, the associate editor of the National Cyclopedia of American Biography, would like Miss Martha Berry to schedule an appointment with him. The editorial office he works for is earnest to complete Miss Berry's biography for the cyclopedia, and he finds it most desirable if they both meet in person.

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