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A letter of thanks from Miss Martha Berry for the donation of Bibles from Mr. Green. She goes on to talk of the importance of faith for the students at Berry and how their growth of their faith is an important part of their education and work.

Martha Berry is thanking Mr. Green for the gift of a Bible, which she feels will help with the edification of the male students, after they've completed their work in the fields, shops, and dairy.



Augusta Hope describes to Miss Berry the first time Dr. Norwood discussed the schools at the Berry Pilgrims meeting at Mrs. Hammond's house. Hope mentions the Gates of Opportunity Miss Berry opened for "the rich and to the poor" and for "the high and to the low".

Miss Mary J. Sleicher opens her letter with "Dear ___ Berry" and explains that she's unsure whether Berry is a Miss or Mrs. She also sends $25. She also discusses some of her Christian hopes for the school and offers a suggestion on how to get the students to learn the 119th Psalm. She offers to fund a contest with a prize of $1 for the first 20 students who recite it correctly by Christmas.

WM. H. Richie congratulates Miss Berry on receiving the Achievement Award of the Pictorial Review, saying that her work deserves the recognition. He recalls his visit to the schools and the gracious hospitality he received there. He also informs her that Mr. Haines is ill, but they are still managing to send Scripture to the rural people.

Miss Berry asks Dr. Kelly what he thinks about a young doctor interested in working at the Berry Schools. She also asks him to come visit, and tells him that she thinks the Schools have been growing spiritually because great interest has been shown in the Bible work.

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