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The Berry schools are requesting the address of Mr. Robert O'Brien so they can write and thank him for his gift.

The Berry Schools write to The New England Trust Company to ask for the address for Mrs. Louisa H. Fries so they can thank her for the gift she donated.

Berry writes that she has contacted Batts, Cook Company and enclosed the letter she wrote. She hopes that Mr. Cothran will split their business equally with the two banks in Rome.

Miss Berry requests the street number of Mrs. Wm. Howard Smith so she may thank her for her gift.



Lee, Higginson & Co. writes to Martha Berry telling her of a $1000 bond transfer to her account.

Berry asks Price to have a personal conference with Mr. Sibley about whether legal action in regard to some property would be successful. Berry reports on the difficulties caused by the closing of the bank in Menlo, including the closing of a hotel at Cloudland. She reports that Frances Rhea Berry's health is improved.

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