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Invitations to the annual dinner of the National Institute of Social Sciences so Martha can receive her gold medal of the Institute.

W.E. Carson expresses pleasure at the news of V. Everit Macy's bequest to Berry. A handwritten annotation on the letter indicates that Carson was a porter who brought the Pilgrims to Berry on a number of occasions.

This is a letter to Martha Berry from John D. McCartney in which he congratulated Martha Berry on her award of the Pictorial Review. He also discussed his visits to the Berry Schools.

Martha Berry thanks Dr. Kelly for filling out a recommendation blank for the Pictorial Review Award.

A letter to Miss Berry with Erwin Holt' s annual Thanksgiving $500 dollar donation attached. He states his great love for Berry and desire to support it. Next, he mentions that he was so thankful and delighted that Martha won the Pictorial Review Award. Erwin next talks about the great increase of his wife's health after her tonsil surgery. Erwin Holt also mentions that he has included a clipping of the article relative to Miss Berry and the Award, and says he will definitely be thinking of her on Nov. 20th when she receives the award.

Elizabeth M. Frothingham congratulates Martha Berry on the pictorial review prize. She also sends a $2,500.00 check for the endowment fund.

Mrs. Flather is happy to be able to contribute $25 to the work of The Berry Schools.

Grace sends a $10 check from theElmore Chapter #306

Martha writes to Richard to ask if he would fill out the Recommendation Blank for the Achievement Award that year.

Berry invites Eastman to the school and seeks his endorsement for the Pictorial Review Achievement Award, an award which earns the recipient $5000, which Berry would use for the school.

A letter from Mrs. M. D. Crew on behalf of the Davison Paxon Company regarding the attendance of Miss Berry to receive her prize and Martha Berry's response.

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