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A letter expressing sympathies for Mrs. Hoge's auto accident and a get well soon wish.

Berry tells Wingo that she should stay at Dr. Goldthwaite's sanitarium as long as she can, even if she is a few days late for school. She mentions Mrs. Wright's automobile accident and injuries.

Letter in regards to the printing of some booklets about the Berry Schools. Mr. Webb asks if Miss Bonner wishes to place an order for the booklets as well as the Highlanders or if the booklets are to be included in the Highlander. He also gives her an update on the health of Mr. Martin and hopes that she has fully recovered from her automobile accident.

Martha Berry writes to Dr. Tomlinson that her sister has been injured in an automobile accident and needs another carboy of Tate water.

Martha writes to Mrs. Smiley that she wishes that she could go to Mohonk but does not wish to leave until her sister is better.

Martha Berry says she is unable to visit Mrs. Pyle due to her sister's recovery from a car accident and her being busy. However, she hopes to visit in the future.

Jessie Powers agrees to make the baby dress Martha Berry requested, expresses sorrow that Berry has had such a hard summer, and looks forward to returning to the school.

She relates information regarding her sister being hurt in an automobile wreck on the road out on Summerville Pike. Miss Berry requests that Jessie make a baby dress for a friend of hers in New York.

Miss Neal sends Miss Berry a night letter informing her that she will be able to join her at Mohonk.

Berry sends Miss Neal a telegram urgently telling her to see Mr. Ochs' secretary about the Pictorial Review Award.

Miss Berry informs Miss Neal on her sister's current state of condition since an automobile accident greatly injured her. She also informs Miss Neal that she will be unable to attend an event at Mohonk Lake, but hopes the two will be able to reschedule.

Miss Berry informs Miss Neal about an automobile accident her sister, Mrs. Wright, had when one of the school boys was driving her and the car turned over and asks again if Miss Neal could join her at Lake Mohonk. She describes the hot weather and having made several trips to the mountains.

Berry sends a gourd to replace La Verne's damaged one. Berry also mentions her sister's car accident as the reason why she has been so busy with her "hands and heart full". She wishes Miss La Verne a successful season and requests a visit while she is south.


On August 7, 1928, Martha Berry writes to Mr. Ladd concerning two automobile accidents occurring in her family. She had traveled to Miami after her niece's accident. When there, she received word of her sister, Mrs. Wright's, accident in Rome, and she returned home.
Mrs. Wright was seriously injured with six ribs, both collar bones broken, lungs and back injured. Martha Berry wished that she could have had the same splendid care as Mr. Ladd had, but that she was better. After two weeks, though, she could not yet be moved.
Mrs. Ladd is thought of often in her retreat-by-the sea, and a visit there would have done Martha Berry good.
As Mrs. Ladd's family had suffered so many accidents, Martha Berry felt comfortable relaying her own series of misfortunes.


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