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A letter informing Martha Berry that Mrs. Coonley can't donate to the Berry Schools this year because her budget is already fully planned.

Martha Berry writes to Frank Babbott telling him they are sending him information about the Berry Schools, including a pamphlet called "The Sunday Lady," and how they are in need of money and donations to help the students. She hopes that he will help and notes that any gift is appreciated.

Martha Berry is writing in response to an article about Mrs. Young's husband in a recent magazine. She says they have a mutual friend and that she has heard a great deal about Mr. and Mrs. Young through him. She informs her of the scholarship programs and asks her to donate. She also encloses a booklet on the school's history.

This letter from Martha Berry to Mrs. Crawford asks for donations for scholarships for current and future Berry students. Martha Berry also sends literature to help interest Mrs. Crawford's DAR Chapter.

In this mail out, Martha Berry asks for donations to the school; especially the one hundred fifty dollars, it takes to fund a student for a year.

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