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Mrs. Morrison writes that she cannot keep up with all the requests for contributions and explains that she is being treated for arthritis at Johns Hopkins. She expresses good wishes for Miss Berry and the work of the Schools.

Wingo provides Berry with the names of prospective donors and asks to be sent literature to give to a man across the hall from her at Corey Hill Hospital in hopes of interesting him in the school. She reports on her first examination by Dr. Goldthwaite, describes the hospital, and encourages Berry to plant Lombardy poplars.

Berry tells Wingo that she should stay at Dr. Goldthwaite's sanitarium as long as she can, even if she is a few days late for school. She mentions Mrs. Wright's automobile accident and injuries.

Wingo reports that Dr. Goldthwaite has made a reservation for her at Corey Hill Hospital. She encloses a price list from a gift shop, recommending developing a similar list for Sunshine as a convenience, and comments on a Progressive Farmer article.

Alice Logan Wingo thanks Martha Berry for writing to Dr. Goldwaithe on her behalf, but she is unsure whether or not she will be able to afford his services. She also advises Martha Berry to close the Girls School the last two months as a way to help with the schools financial problems.

Martha Berry writes that only 45 girls will be at school that summer so the sewing room will be closed. She writes that Miss Smith has insisted on coming back to teach that summer, but that she isn't needed. She writes that Dr. Goldthwaite will be giving his services and it would be good if Miss Wingo could have him treat her arthritis

Berry is sending Dr. Goldthwaite's address; she has heard he completely cured a woman of her severe arthritis. She informs Wingo of a request from the Girls School students that Miss Smith not be allowed to return and asks for Wingo's opinion.

Martha Berry writes to Miss Wingo mentioning how there are so many changes going on while she is constantly going from the school. She also mentions that she will have Dr. Myers send books to Miss Wingo and that she knows of a doctor in Boston who has done well with curing arthritis and that Miss Berry will forward the address.

Martha Berry apologizes to Mrs. Jackson for leaving without saying goodbye and also asks Mrs. Jackson for the address of a doctor in Boston that might be able to treat the Dean of the Berry Schools arthritis.

This is a letter to Miss Berry from Dr. Goldthwait in regard to Miss Wingo being hospitalized. Dr. Goldthwait explains that he will help Miss Wingo at Corey Hill Hospital and he informs Miss Berry on the cost and services provided.

Berry asks Goldthwait to take Alice Wingo, who has become disabled by arthritis, as a patient.

Wingo asks Berry to approve her letter of appreciation for the library and, if approved, have Miss Bonner type it. Wingo reports that she is improving and notes that she will have Edith Wyate write about working in the library to earn her tuition.

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